Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Masak masak in Bali

Since breakfast is expansive and all we might be getting are plain croissants, and we get hungry all the time, the best way out is to cook our own breakfast and have lunch and dinner at the authetic nasi padang stalls. Its cheaper to eat kat warung warung nasi padang BUT make sure its HALAL eh...And what would be heaven on earth, on a hot scorching day, FRESTEA LEMON, dat is!

my lil chef busy in kitchen
spread for the growling tummies
enjoying his breakfast
naufal's cheesy scramble egg
we bought this at Carrefour Bali
One of the authentic stall that sells javanese dishes
Hungry? Yes!
recycle indeed. for that prepaid card it is!
Thirst quencher! LOVE!

The monyets at Uluwatu

Hah! Lovely Uluwatu. But i hate the monkeys there! Lil snatchers they are! My son's n hubby's specs were broken into pieces. What a rotten mood there after! So becareful with ur cameras, glasses, necklaces anything that dangles.

here we are




azure blue

Senyum sebelom specs pecah

Magnificent Ubud

I love Ubud for its culture richness. Not often that u can see ladies clad in lacey kebaya and sarong. They are beautiful. Another main attraction in Ubud is its laid back lifestyle and vast greenies of the sawah padi. Nyaman! Unlike the concrete jungles that we see everyday. I managed to capture a funeral procession but were shoo-ed away because of the on going traffic. Given any chance, i would love to stay in Ubud.

sang dewa

greeneries. soothing
mount kintamani
hunger strikes
love the way the dishes are being arranged
nyahkan hausmu! minumlah teh sosro
funeral procession

Love in Bali

We reached Ngurah Rai International airport in Bali safely and we were whisked away on a bumpy road to our villa in Jimbaran. A far cry from the hustle and bustle of Seminyak, Jimbaran is a very quiet posh area that is totally impossible for a quiet stroll during a lazy afternoon.

Once we reached the villa, did the necessary registration and we were welcomed to our villa. The villa has 3 bedroom, a private pool and a shared big pool amongst 3 villas around the huge compound. I was given all the luxury that i needed because..... IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! *singing 50cents song*

Monday, August 30, 2010

Things to do in Batam

Yes! Batam rocks my casbah....No, no, its not like what you all think. Sleazy pakcik pakcik pencen and the red light districts. No...Honestly, tym kiter reached Batam City ferry terminal, all we saw was shopping malls and more. Errmm....we didnt see any of the above mentioned.
Things to do in Batam: Makan, shopping, spa, makan, shopping, spa, the list goes on but hey, when i mentioned shopping, i really meant things are dirt cheap there. I bought junks of spa products and some Indo products like Indo Mee, kerepek2, spices and all....just look at the pictures! I HEART batam so much!! Jangan luper makan telor penyu ok! Yummy!

 I hotel. I like!


Rupiah kesorga

Jangan luper singgah pat Pak Datok! Sedap!

Walking distance from the hotel

Is Martha Tilaar. Spa! Spa!

Jeruk's Galore!

And fresh kerepek to munch

Telor penyu. Suck it while its hot?

Untuk kulit yang bersih and mulus, afdal gunakan Citra
Batam Shiok!

KL oh KL

A home away from home! I have always LOVE KL! Anytime, given a good long off days and plentiful of Ringgit Malaysia, i will be in KL in a blink of eye.
KL is just 5hrs away provided the traffic and immigration are hassle free!


Home away from home

Infinity pool with great view

plush sheets

view from my room

sleek lobby

Dome klcc serves the best ice chocolate

fav hang out at the Pavillion

Go Japs!

Nasi lemak @ Tonka Beans so sedap!

Jom cuti cuti Malaysia
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