Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Masak masak in Bali

Since breakfast is expansive and all we might be getting are plain croissants, and we get hungry all the time, the best way out is to cook our own breakfast and have lunch and dinner at the authetic nasi padang stalls. Its cheaper to eat kat warung warung nasi padang BUT make sure its HALAL eh...And what would be heaven on earth, on a hot scorching day, FRESTEA LEMON, dat is!

my lil chef busy in kitchen
spread for the growling tummies
enjoying his breakfast
naufal's cheesy scramble egg
we bought this at Carrefour Bali
One of the authentic stall that sells javanese dishes
Hungry? Yes!
recycle indeed. for that prepaid card it is!
Thirst quencher! LOVE!


Sparklette said...

Wow, that looks like a very rustic and laid-back environment. Perfect way for us city-dwellers to relax on a holiday. Is this in Ubud?

Follow your bliss said...

hi babe
this is in jimbaran....
bali is awesome!

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