Friday, September 3, 2010

Aku, Bunga & Buku

Salam Jumaat semua!

Alhamdulillah syukur kerana masih diberikan nikmat kehidupan pada hari ni. Pagi tadi lepas menziarah pusara Arwah Tok, i decided to drive around Old Lim Chu Kang road. Mungkin untuk teman teman yang bukan warga Singapura, Old Lim Chu Kang road nie merupakan sebuah tanah perkuburan untuk yg berbilang agama. Dan disitu jugak terletaknya Pusara Abadi untuk orang orang Islam. And, if you were to drive further up, there will be few plant nurseries for you to buy plants or fresh flowers. So i bought pink roses and pink carnations for the dining table and fireplace mantel. Saja...Fresh flowers always have this therapeutic effect on me. Flowers make me escalating madness happy!

Then i drove back to Jurong Point to buy groceries for iftar later. I saw some books on sale. Belek nye belek i found few very good cookbooks that are on sale! Tak caya... the price is so dirt cheap. I believe outscale bookstores would be selling these thick hardcover cookbooks for atleast $30ish or more. But they are going off for as low as $4.50 each. The Complete book of Baking is $24.00. The pasta is from one of the recipe in The Big Book of Pasta, going away at $12.00!!! OMG......Then i  also grabbed Breakfasts & Brunches for that lazy Sunday try and trial at home. That one is $4.50. Murah!! Murah!! Can go crazy!!!

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body"
 Kadang kadang sampai takde space nak letak my books. Dari reading room sampai ke living hall, im surrounded by books and magazines. Pernah sekali my husband baik hati nak tolong buangkan my National Geographic magazines yang dah occupied almost 2 shelves. I cried and merajuk takmo bebual dengan dia for 1 week. Lepas tu, sampai skarang he will not touch my books. 
Im so looking forward to a lazy weekend flipping over the pages but....anticlimax lah pulak..Aaah!!!...Lagi 2 hari aje left before i end my hospitalisation leave and back to work. Time to don the pink scrub suit and hang my stesthoscope around the neck. The familiar smell of antiseptic and the never ending callbells, the endless demands from my patients. But itulah sumber rezeki. Without my job, i cant buy flowers and books! :-))


kak norli said...

Salam...Shieda akak singgah kt cini..ehm..moga Ramadhan ini kita bertemu & moga bertemu lagi d Ramadhan yg akan dtg...Selamat Hari Raya...

Follow your bliss said...

salam kak norli..
trima kaseh ya kerana sudi dtg...
selamat hari raya utk akak sekeluarga

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