Saturday, September 4, 2010


Fika is a Swedish bistro & cafe situated along the lil corner of the bustling Arab Street. Lured by the all white, sleek cosy decor, it serves halal swedish cuisine. Guests will be greeted warmly by the friendly staff and also, on a good day, the sweet restaurant owner, Tasneem will be seen chit chatting casually with guests. I love Fika. And menus that are being scribbled on a chalkboard, is really awesome!! Read more fika

Sleek all white decor that lured me

Anything that is being scrabbled on the menu chalkboard is very warm and evokes classic nostalgia.

Meatballs in creamy sauce served with Lingonberry jam

Grilled salmon with lemon sauce.

Im not too sure what is this lovely dish called. But it taste like Shephard Pie.

And a classic way to end the main course, is of course a nice warm crepes with ice cream, jam and a generous dollop of fresh cream!

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